Sunset, sunrise

Not the finest photography, but a fairly big first microadventure for me. At 40 years old, I’m almost embarrassed to admit I’ve never flown anywhere alone before… and I’m not exactly known for my strong sense of direction! 

Vancouver to Edinburgh with checked baggage and a terminal transfer at Gatwick definitely felt like I was jumping in at the deep end.

Ever since Fury Road, my mantra about making it home to the UK has been subsumed by “going to the green place”. I confess the first 24 hours in Edinburgh have done little to convince me this won’t work out the same way that did. 

But whatever comes next, it’ll be faced with the added confidence you gain in tackling a daunting task alone. 

It’ll also come without checked luggage where possible. Lighter luggage full stop. Aisle seat, not window. And a thousand other tiny things I’ll just have to figure out along the way…



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